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It was in 2008 that Muhammad Sajjad and Mina Afridi on the 4th grade school benches. At this precise moment in history, they could not know that 12 years later, in 2018, they were going to learn to do weaving on a traditional loom as part of a Young Volunteer project and then went, in 2019, launch their business: Nothing is lost, everything is created …

Since 2019, they have developed a collection of EyesLashes and Nails in their workshop in Lahore, Pakistan. From Nails to Women Wear fashion, their collection is made up of organic Hand Made and also fabric that they make by hand from their looms as well as other fabrics, mainly Soft cotton.

Their creations are available in more than 30 stores across Pakistan. You can also purchase items from their collection on the store,  Nothing is lost, everything is created … it means wearing ethical, comfortable, durable and distinctive clothing.

12 years of friendship and more than 2 years of fashion madness, that is what sums up nothing is lost, everything is created …

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